Perceived Sound is a label imprint established in 2021 by sound artist Devin Sarno
A virtual home for varied forms of aural expression and exploration.
We are headquartered in Los Angeles, CA and distributed by The Orchard.

Inquiries: perceivedsound@gmail.com

Logo actualized by Don Phüry.


All releases are available for purchase on Bandcamp or can be found streaming via your preferred platform(s).


Devin Sarno “Harmony Commotion Nightmare” Ltd. Ed. cassette


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Friends & artists who have appeared on Perceived Sound releases:

Patrick Shiroishi
Randy Randall
Jason Kahn
Ekin Fil
Lee Noble
Leah P
Brian James Griffith
Sachi Kobayashi
Bobb Bruno
Máté Tulipán
Angela Frances Wilson
Ibukun Sunday
G.E. Stinson

Press notices:

Devin Sarno “Etches” (via Destroy/Exist)
Sound Study Sixteen (via Foxy Digitalis)
Sound Study Sixteen (via Destroy/Exist)
Sound Study Fifteen (via Destroy/Exist)
Sound Study Fourteen (via Destroy/Exist)
Sound Study Thirteen (via Destroy/Exist)
Sound Study Twelve (via Destroy/Exist)
Sound Study Eleven (via Destroy/Exist)
Devin Sarno “Misshapen Heart” (via Destroy/Exist)
Devin Sarno “Misshapen Heart” (via A Closer Listen - 2023 Winter Music Preview)
Devin Sarno “Misshapen Heart” (via MetalJazz)
Sound Study Ten (via Destroy/Exist)
Sound Study Nine (via Destroy/Exist)
Sound Study Eight (via Tome To The Weather Machine)
Sound Study Three (via Tome To The Weather Machine)
Sound Study Two (via Tome To The Weather Machine)
Sound Study Two (via Resident Advisor)